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In this issue:


1 Changes in Korean Families and Child Development
Gyoung Hae Han , Jeong Hwa Lee , Mee Jung Chin
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):1-14.
15 Parenting Behavior
Seong Yeon Park , Ung Im Park , Sae Young Han
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):15-28.
29 Parent-Child Relationship
Young Lee , Hey Jung Jun , Min Ju Kang
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):29-41.
43 Sibling Relationships
Young Yae Park , Gwee Yeon Jeon
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):43-59.
61 The Current Status of Child Health and Our Task
Hee Sun Lee , Sang Hee Kim
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):61-74.
75 Low Fertility & Infertility
Young Shim Kim , Hae Shin Hwang , Hye Jung Hwang
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):75-84.
85 Children in Korean Multi-cultural Families
Hyuk Joon Moon , Yoon Kyung Choi , So Jung Seo
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):85-97.
99 A Study on the Policy for Supporting Child Care and Education in Korea
Ock Rhee , In Sook Kong
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):99-109.
111 Information Media
Sun Hee Ahn , Kyung Ok Lee , Hyo Jin Ahn
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):111-123.
125 Harmful Environments
Hyun Sim Doh , Sarah Lee , Seung Min Song
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):125-137.
139 Local Community Center for Children: Playground, Children`s Library, and Youth Center
Eun Ja Hyun , Seon Ju Ko , Yeon Joo Oh
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):139-151.
153 Emerging challenges on the Children`s Rights
Jae Yeon Lee , Ock Kyeung Hwang , Hyo Jin Kim
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):153-165.
167 Child Cultures
Dae Ryun Chung , Hae Rhee Baeck , Sun Ah Han
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):167-181.
183 Children as Global Citizens
Yang Hee Lee , Mee Hyang Koo , Young Sun Chung
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):183-194.
195 Peer Relations
Hee Og Sim , Yoo Lim Shin
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):195-208.
209 The Early Childhood Education in Korea
Suk Ran Choi , Young Sook Kim
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):209-221.
223 Elementary Education in Korea: A Look to the Future
Chang Bok Kim , Kyung Soon Lee
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):223-235.
237 An Alternative Education and Home Schooling
Eun Hee Joo , Sun Hee Park
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):237-248.
249 Early Private Learning
Nam Hee Woo , Yu Mi Kim , Eun Soo Shin
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):249-265.
267 Child Care in Korea: A Look to the Future
Sun Young Kim , Nary Shin , Hyang Eun Kim
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):267-279.
281 After-School Care and Education
Young Sook Suh , Jin Ock Park , Hye Jeon Suh
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):281-295.
297 South Korean Early Study Abroad
Soon Hyung Yi , Me Kyung Kwon
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):297-308.
309 Children`s Play
Jong Hee Lee , Eun Jin Cho , Song Yee Kim
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):309-321.
323 Children of Divorced Families
Kyung Ja Park , Hye Yeong Choi , Jun Ah Han
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):323-336.
337 Child Poverty
Wan Jeong Lee , Hye Jin Kwon , Sung Eun Yang
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):337-347.
349 Child Abuse
Choon Kyung Kim , Ju Ok Lee , Young Joo Song
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):349-360.
361 Juvenile Delinquency/Crimes
Sook Lee , Jee Sook Baik , Joo Yeon Lee
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):361-373.
375 Children with Disabilities
Kai Sook Chung , Myung Hwa Park , Jin Hyung Roh
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):375-389.
391 The School-Dropout Adolescent
Song Yon Cho , Meery Lee , Eun Mie Park
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):391-403.
405 Children in Residential Care
Kyung Hee Kim , Hyun Ah Kang , So Young An
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):405-416.
417 Father`s Participant Program at Kindergarten: Influences on Father`s Involvement in Child-Rearing and Role Performance and Mother`s Parenting Stress
Jin Hee Yang
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):417-442.
443 Implicit Knowledge on Children`s Leadership and Creative Leaders` Styles by Teachers and Children
Jung Min Pyo , In Soo Choe
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):443-458.
459 Effects of Soil Play Activities on Children`s Nature-Friendly Attitudes and Emotions
Su Jeong Jeong , Hae Ik Hwang
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):459-472.
473 The Occupational View and Perception on Career Education of Teachers and Parents in Elementary School
Sae Na Lee , Mi Hwa Choi , Kang Suk Suh
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):473-488.
489 Maternal Parenting Behaviors, Children`s Emotional Intelligence, and Daily Hassles According to Children`s Sex and Types of Aggression
Ji Hyun Kim
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):489-504.
505 Preschool Children`s Conceptions of Social Situations and Their Responses by Children`s Social Competence
Sung Sook Pu
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):505-522.
523 The Relationship between Children`s Representation of Mother and Social Competence: Representation of Peers as a Mediating Variable
Myung Jin Jung , Kwang Woong Kim
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):523-534.
535 Relationships between Adolescent`s Behavioral Inhibition and Social Anxiety: Moderating Effects of Perceived Parental Rearing Behaviors
Ji Won Kim , Eun Hye Ha , You Jin Cho
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):535-548.
549 Development and Validation of Place Attachment to Childhood Home Scale
Jin Suk Lee , Byung Sook Choi , Ji Hyeon Han , Young Sook Han
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):549-566.
567 Desire and Belief in Everyday Conversation of Korean Children: Evidence from Language Production Data
Eun Yeong Gwon , Hyeon Jin Lee
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):567-581.
583 Temperament of Ethnic Korean Children: A Cross-cultural Analysis
Hye Won Park Choi
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):583-590.
591 Preschoolers` Behavior Regulation Assessed by Head-to-Toes Task and Social Adjustment
Kyeong Jin Ji , Kang Yi Lee
Korean J Child Stud.2009;30(6):591-605.
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